Stamford BrookResidents' Association

Historic Maps

The following maps chart the slow evolution of the Stamford Brook suburbs from brickfields and market gardens, to the modern layout of today.




As the map of 1865 (above) shows, by that point the railway line that is now the District line had already laid its tracks across Stamford Brook and Acton Green. At this time it was still called the London and South Western Railway (L&SWR). Turnham Green station opened the following year. See: 'The Railway Arrives' here) and our own Stamford Brook Station opened in 1912.


A close up of the area in 1874 shows how neither Bedford Park or the Edwardian houses at the top end of Emlyn Road and Binden & Rylett Roads had begun to appear. However the contrast with the 1896 map below is important as those roads have begun to appear.



In 1896, while road layouts are beginning to appear the main parts of Stamford Brook as painted by Camille Pissarro during his stay here, are still market gardens.



By 1915, the modern road layout is in place and Victorian red brick villa have appeared all along Stamford Brook Road.  However the semi-detached houses of the 1920s and 1930s in Emlyn Road are still just allotments.

Published on December 12