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Train indicator at Stamford Brook station

At a meeting in November with the managers of Stamford Brook station and the District Line, we raised with them the fact that the train arrival and destination boards on the station had never worked since they were installed at least ten years ago. The manager of the District Line promised to look into why this had happened. He had only recently been appointed and so was unaware of this longstanding issue. He emailed the SBRA some time later to say that the technical specification in the contract had been wrong when they were acquired ten years ago and he thought it unlikely that anything could be done about it now until a new refit happened in 2020. However, as some people may have noticed, the boards are now working , showing the destination and time until arrival of the trains. We emailed him to thank him for following up on this enquiry, managing our expectations but then surprising us by making a small but worthwhile improvement for his customers. Apparently, very little cost was involved.

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Proposal on the future of Camberwell Green and Hammersmith Magistrates’ Courts

I would like to bring to your attention a public consultation on the proposal to closure of Hammersmith Magistrates Court.


"This consultation sets out the proposal for the future of Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court and Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court, including the closure of the buildings and the work being absorbed by existing courts in London.

The closures will also contribute to the consolidation of the London criminal court estate and, through disposal, provide funding for the ongoing process of reforming court and tribunal services in England & Wales.

The consultation seeks the views of everyone with an interest in the work at these courts."

Go to the Consultation.


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Stamford Brook Social - October 27th 8PM

DuchessOfCambridgeA great night was had by all on Thurs 28th when we got together for drinks at the Duchess of Cambridge.  We will be doing it again on Thurs 27th October at 8PM.  All are welcome! As usual, there is no agenda to be followed other than getting to know our neighbours better!

Details for the pub are here:

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Picnic For The Queen's 90th Birthday

IMG 1357

On Sunday 12th June Stamford Brook held a wonderful community picnic to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. As the whole country celebrated the event Birthday with street parties, lunches and picnics, we held our own picnic in celebration with local families and friends.

The gathering was an informal affair with games and fun for local families at the heart of the activities.  We held sack,egg and spoon and three-legged races. But the highlight of the afternoon was the highly competitive 'Throw The Welly' competition, which went on late into the rain.


The rain just about held off to the later stages but the hardy types of Stamford Brook sat through them all with brollies at the ready. By the time the rain arrived, the afternoon was finished off with a rousing sing song under the trees!

More photos in our Gallery here.

The full set on Facebook are here:  (Don't forget to 'Follow' us!)

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Chiswick Calendar EU Referendum Debate

Monday 16 May 2016

Tabard Theatre, Bath Road 7.30 pm

aa2fe7 91c862e9a9af4f46bca8d4eb614ae34dThe Chiswick Calendar is hosting a live EU Referendum debate, at the Tabard Theatre on 16th May.  Hosted by BBC News presenter Julian Worricker, the debate brings together a panel representing politics, business and journalism to discuss the most important political decision of a generation: Should we go or should we stay?

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Info Pack - How Will The Third Runway Affect Us

logoThe SBRA, in conjunction with CHATR, have put together a briefing note for Members on the potential impact on Stamford Brook of the proposed Third Runway at Heathrow.  We would encourage all members to log-in and read the note via the link below:

Heathrow Runway 3 Info Pack

This information requires members to log-in.  If you need reminding of your log-in details, or would like to join the SBRA, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Halloween In Stamford Brook 2015

IMG 1729It was a great year for Halloween again in Stamford Brook with the ghouls and ghosties out early! Lots of houses and families through themselves into decorating their houses and doorways to usher in All Hallows Eve.  Click here to see our Gallery of photos:

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Weekly Bin Collection Review

The Local Council, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, has suggested ending weekly bin collections to save money, moving to a bi-weekly or other arrangement.  They have launched a consultation (on their website here) into reducing refuse collections and street cleaning across the borough. We would recommend all Residents look at the site to see what the Council are proposing.

Early informal responses from Residents indicate that Residents believe that weekly collections are a basic council service and they should look for savings elsewhere.  To support them, Cllr Charlie Dewhirst and Gred Smith are leading the resistance to the change with information online here.  They have created an online petition here which we would encourage you and your neighbours to sign before the end of the consultation stage on 12 November.

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Launch of 'Chiswick Against Third Runway'


Photo Credit - John Steward of HACAN

logoLocal MP Ruth Cadbury attended the launch meeting of a new group formed to co-ordinate protests in Chiswick against the Heathrow Third Runway project.  Called CHiswick Against the Third Runway or CHATR, the new group is intended to make sure that Chiswick's voice is heard in the debate.  Although the Davies Commission has reported to Government and come out in favour of extending Heathrow, no final decision has been made. Ruth Cadbury has stated her opposition to the scheme.

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